A Book Written for People Who Needs More Than Just a Book.

"This book is one of a kind. It offers refreshing insights about money."

- Sha Nacino, Best-selling author of Money and Me.


 ​Anna ​Miranda

 Financial Advisor


​I'm in awe.. incredibly powerful message and so far you are the few authors I admire the way how the message was delivered in a simple and easy to understand yet profound. Looking forward to your future books! It's indeed a gift to the world. I hope more people will read and get inspired. God bless!

​Jostine Bulan

​Life Coach


​If you want to expand your financial know-how without the headache and confusion, then this book is for you! Written in an "everyday" conversational tone, Carlo is able to share his insights and wisdom in an easy-to-digest way. This is one of the best financial books I've ever read and I highly recommend this book to and for everyone.

​Candids Reyes



​Today, I have been blessed with time to read this wonderful book, The Black Book on Common Cents. It's packed with lots of useful insights. I pray that the messages in this book serve as a guide to many people. May we all use our God-given time, talents and resources to be a blessing to the people He sends our way.

​Angela Yupano



​Read "The Black Book on Common Cents". Learn about simple money hacks he acquired from family, mentors and personal experience. Anyone can apply it to everyday life that can maximize financial results. You'll be surprised with the many "aha moments" while reading this book. The wisdom he shared is a timely reality check on current financial mindset.